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Kenny & Zuke's Portland, OR

I've been there since opening day and 7 times more. Not that it qualifies me better than anyone else, but it's not like I went there once, had a bad experience and am brooding about it. Also, I know that reviews are important to everyone and with it comes a responsibility to be reasonable and fair. The sandwich standards are large, expensive and unadorned. Too dry for my taste. The soups are a real problem if you order chicken noodle because the three times I ordered it there was no chicken to be found--just a consomme watery broth with egg noodles. Yes, I stopped at three. The salads that are meat oriented are pretty good but very dry and kind of tasteless in a way. I know that sounds mean spirited, like you're supposed to put the taste into it (you know, add mustard, whatever) but it's just dry and frankly not that appealing The service is good, the place feels nice, but most of the time I left with unmet expectations.


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