Kenny & Zuke's

1038 SW Stark St, Portland, OR 97205
503-222-3354 - Website - Menu

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Happy Hours

Beer, Food:
3:00pm-6:00pm: Mon-Fri


The happy hour menu at Kenny & Zuke's includes: $2.50 Pints of Draft Beer, and sandwiches including Reuben Sliders, Pastrami on Rye House-made and hand-sliced to order, Burger, Pastrami Burger, and a Sabrett Hot Dog starting at $5. Other food specials include fries, bagel and lox, and Caesar salad.
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Expensive joint, happy hour prices are less of a deal than they should be. That being said, the food is delicious and they usually have a small but well chosen selection of microbrews on tap.

By Insano - 01-May-10

Innovative Deli. Outside of specials, though, quite over-priced for this type of food. Well done cuisine. Vibrant atmosphere.

By davidlong14 - 04-Apr-10

I've been there since opening day and 7 times more. Not that it qualifies me better than anyone else, but it's not like I went there once, had a bad experience and am brooding about it. Also, I know that reviews are important to everyone and with it comes a responsibility to be reasonable and fair.

The sandwich standards are large, expensive and unadorned. Too dry for my taste.

The soups are a real problem if you order chicken noodle because the three times I ordered it there was no chicken to be found--just a consomme watery broth with egg noodles. Yes, I stopped at three.

The salads that are meat oriented are pretty good but very dry and kind of tasteless in a way. I know that sounds mean spirited, like you're supposed to put the taste into it (you know, add mustard, whatever) but it's just dry and frankly not that appealing

The service is good, the place feels nice, but most of the time I left with unmet expectations.

By grif - 18-Apr-09

After reading on Urband Drinks that K & Z's had a happy hour on Saturday afternoon, a bunch of us went. Upon arrival we were told there is no mid day happy hour, big disappointment! Please change info on the web site!!!
We are all New Yorkers and the pastrami was great but the corned beef was extremely fatty and the waiter didn't tell us we could request lean until after the sandwiched were served!! We also know that $3.50 is an extremely high price for an egg creme! Come on! It's only seltzer, milk and a little chocolate. Give us a break!! And $7.75 for a Sabrett dog! Forgetaboutit, you can get a dirty water dog from a cart in Manhattan for $1.25!!
These guys are trying to get rich quick!

By bobvat - 26-May-08

I stopped by Kenny and Zuke's last night around 11:45, just in time for happy hour. What an awesome place. Obviously the pastrami sandwich is incredible, but be sure to try the pastrami burger as well. It should be no surprise that taking one awesome thing like a burger and adding another awesome thing like pastrami yields an awesome creation.

By bryan - 16-Dec-07

I stopped by Kenny & Zuke's on their second day of business after opening on October 17th. Their Pastrami was by far the best I have ever had. The place was packed and a bit hectic, but I am assuming that they will eventually work out some of the kinks. Finally Portland has a real deli.

By MarkoRamius - 18-Oct-07
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