Happy Hour Specials Key:
Beer Beer   Cocktails Cocktails   Food Food   Wine Wine  
m1_small.png Amber Beer Cocktails Food Wine 5pm-7pm bargraph
m2_small.png Belltown Billiards Beer_g Cocktails Food Wine_g 8pm-12am bargraph
m3_small.png Bisato Beer Cocktails Food_g Wine 5pm-7pm bargraph
m4_small.png Bluwater Bistro Beer Cocktails_g Food Wine 4pm-6pm bargraph
Beer Cocktails_g Food Wine 10pm-1am bargraph
m5_small.png Buddha Belltown Beer_g Cocktails_g Food Wine_g 5pm-7pm bargraph
Beer Cocktails Food_g Wine_g 5pm-10pm bargraph
m6_small.png Cafe Amore Beer Cocktails Food Wine_g 10pm-12am bargraph
m7_small.png Cellars Beer Cocktails Food Wine 4pm-9pm bargraph
m8_small.png Copper Cart Cafe Beer Cocktails Food Wine 5pm-2am bargraph
m9_small.png Crocodile Cafe Beer Cocktails Food_g Wine_g 4pm-8pm bargraph
m10_small.png El Gaucho Beer Cocktails Food Wine 5pm-11pm bargraph
m11_small.png Icon Grill Beer_g Cocktails Food Wine 4pm-6pm bargraph
Beer_g Cocktails Food Wine 10pm-12am bargraph
m12_small.png Karma Lounge Beer_g Cocktails Food Wine_g 3pm-7pm bargraph
Beer Cocktails Food Wine_g 8pm-10pm bargraph
m13_small.png Laadla Beer Cocktails Food_g Wine_g 5pm-6pm bargraph
m14_small.png Lava Lounge Beer Cocktails Food_g Wine_g 3pm-2am bargraph
m15_small.png Marazul Beer Cocktails Food Wine 4pm-6pm bargraph
Beer Cocktails Food Wine 10pm-1am bargraph
m16_small.png Ohana Beer Cocktails Food Wine_g 9pm-11:30pm bargraph
m17_small.png Queen City Grill Beer_g Cocktails Food_g Wine 10pm-2am bargraph
m18_small.png Red Fin Beer Cocktails Food Wine 4pm-6pm bargraph
Beer Cocktails Food Wine 10pm-11pm bargraph
m19_small.png Revyve Beer_g Cocktails Food_g Wine 2pm-7pm bargraph
m20_small.png Rob Roy Beer_g Cocktails Food_g Wine_g 5pm-8pm bargraph
m21_small.png See Sound Lounge Beer Cocktails Food Wine 7pm-10pm bargraph
m22_small.png Shorty's Beer Cocktails_g Food Wine_g 12pm-8pm bargraph
m23_small.png Six Seven Beer Cocktails Food Wine 3pm-6pm bargraph
m24_small.png Spice Beer Cocktails Food Wine_g 4pm-7pm bargraph
m25_small.png Spitfire Beer Cocktails Food Wine 4pm-7pm bargraph
m26_small.png Twist Beer Cocktails Food Wine 4pm-11pm bargraph
m27_small.png Umi Sake House Beer Cocktails_g Food Wine 4pm-8pm bargraph
Beer Cocktails_g Food Wine 11pm-1am bargraph
m28_small.png Wasabi Bistro Beer Cocktails Food Wine 4pm-6pm bargraph
Beer Cocktails Food Wine 10pm-1am bargraph
m29_small.png Waterfront Beer Cocktails Food Wine 4pm-12am bargraph
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Happy Hours

Beer, Cocktails, Wine, Food:
10:00pm-1:00am: Mon-Thu, Sun
4:00pm-6:00pm: Mon-Sun


A variety of food and drink specials during happy hour.
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