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Uber Tavern   7517 Aurora Ave NSeattle, WA 98103

One of the best bars in Seattle with a great tap lineup and lots of bottles. You can find some beers here you can't find anywhere else. But watch out for a bartender named Ken. He is a huge dick and will kick you out after two beers if you look at him wrong. He told me I had to leave because he had, "A problem with other people drinking too much." I have been going there for years and I was blown away by this. Since there are a plethora of awesome bars around Seattle with friendly service where you are warmly welcomed I will not be back. Instead of having an attitude of friendship and comradery with other bars and beer people in Seattle they fight with others and cause rifts in the beer community. Hey Uber, stick to the great beer and stop being dicks!!!

Uber Tavern Bartender Quotes:

Customer: "Hi I saw on twitter you guys just tapped Pliney the Elder, could I get one of those?"
Bartender: "That is what you get for following twitter, we don't have it, next."

Customer: "Could I get a lemon with my hefeweizen?"
Bartender: "If you said that in Germany you would get punched in the face."

Customer: "Hi, I saw the sign outside saying you guys have kegs to go, I would like to order one please."
Bartender: "Did you call ahead? You can't just fucking walk in here and get a keg man I'm too busy."

Note: Bad yelp reviews=kicked out of Uber Tavern for life

Default_profile_photo cane2382 ()   14-Jan-13

Pacific Rim   9832 14th Ave SWSeattle, WA 98106

Pacific Rim Brewery is CLOSED. This is now the location of Big Al's Brewing. Delicious craft beer made on premise is a grungy neighborhood garage hangout type place. Please Take Pacific Rim Brewery off your site. Thank you for Adding Big Al's

Default_profile_photo SnowDay (26)   06-May-12

Linda's Tavern   707 E Pine StSeattle, WA 98122

The only 7-9 happy hour around. It's usually a little loud but it's cheap, the food is pretty good and it's happy hour is at the perfect time.

Default_profile_photo HaKartzia (12)   11-Feb-12