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Sunshine Tavern   SE Division StPortland, OR 97202

Sunshine Tavern deserves a lower than average rating for a Portland food and drink establishment. First off, their prices are way too high. I asked for tomato and pickle on my burger and it arrived with a $14.50 price tag. A $15 burger! And it was not even an average quality burger. Apparently a slice of tomato is an extra $2 at this place!!!
There are plenty of places in town to get a good burger for a few bucks. Drinks were spendy for their quality and content. I'd pass on this place if I were you.

Angusyoung MarkoRamius (2874)   14-Aug-13

Petisco   1411 NE BroadwayPortland, OR 97212

Happy hour at Petisco offers some decent sandwiches at a reasonable $5, and $1 Miller High Life. The front patio offers good shade on a hot summer day.

Angusyoung MarkoRamius (2874)   07-Jul-13

Sweet Hereafter   3326 SE Belmont StPortland, OR 97214

WASHINGTON UNFRIENDLY. These bartenders do not possess the capability of identifying official Washington state licenses. My friend and I had our licenses confiscated for around an hour while these amateurs did not have a black light on site in order to properly verify them. The owner was very condescending and very unhelpful. He wore a belittling smirk on his face while we tried to retrieve our legally issued licenses. Upon calling the City of Portland police to retrieve our licenses, the bartenders finally decided to to take it upon themselves to run our state ID numbers. We were found to be of legal age. Free first round drinks were offered, however the condescending nature of the owner made the "gift" feel trivial. We did not receive an apology and were made to feel as if we did not belong in this bar. While the food is good, I would not recommend spending your time here. These people are not welcoming.

Default_profile_photo theshins45 ()   30-Jun-13