411 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204
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Happy Hours

Beer, Cocktails, Food:
3:00pm-6:00pm: Wed
4:00pm-6:30pm: Mon-Sun
9:30pm-12:00am: Mon-Sun


Enjoy a wide selection of $1.95 - $6.95 food specials during happy hour at Huber's. It is a MUST to enjoy their famous one of a kind Spanish Coffee after your meal
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A classic place that you have to try, no way around it. Unique.

-Insano (210)   01-May-10

Ask the staff what their big "reunion" nights are. There are a few traditions around T-giving, Christmas, and a few other holidays when old friends unite and the place is slammed for late night happy hour.
Best place to get a turkey and gravy fix during the rest of the year.

-PDistrictCrawler (15)   20-Apr-10

They may be known for Spanish coffee but if the hostess Ana has time ask her to play the piano.. nothing better than great food and great music.

-JIMMYJAM (5)   25-May-07

Huber’s is hands-down one of the classiest joints in Portland. It still retains its “Old Portland” style, and Jimmy, the remarkable maitre’d, never forgets a face. Judging by his political acumen, this guy should be a U.S. Senator by now.

Superior food, upscale service, and dynamite cocktails are hard to beat.

Whilst they are known for their spectacular Spanish Coffees, don’t neglect the tasty food and solid wine list.

-Dinah Davis (99)   27-Nov-06

Huber's makes a solid martini and they have excellent service.

-steinberg (318)   04-Nov-06

Huber's has a comfortable historic feel. They are well known for their Spanish coffees and are well worth the showmanship provided by the bartenders.

-MarkoRamius (2874)   24-Oct-06

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