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Created by: graham_scott24


NW Crawl featuring crazy people in Royal blue shirts

Places in this pub crawl:

m1_small.png Henry's
10 NW 12th Ave
m2_small.png Blitz
110 NW 10th Ave
m3_small.png Deschutes
210 NW 11th Ave
m4_small.png Life of Riley
300 NW 10th Ave
m5_small.png Rogue
1339 NW Flanders St
m6_small.png Oba
555 NW 12th Ave
m7_small.png On Deck
910 NW 14th Ave
m8_small.png Slabtown
1033 NW 16th Ave

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10 NW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
503-227-5320 - Website

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Avg: 3.6/5 | 14 votes
11 reviews

Happy Hours

10:00pm-1:00am: Fri
11:00am-11:00pm: Sun
9:00pm-11:00pm: Mon-Thu
3:00pm-6:00pm: Mon-Sat


During happy hour at Henry's enjoy $3-$5 food specials with a $2.25 drink minimum for. Outdoor seating is available during the warmer months. One of the largest beer draft beer selections in town!
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Happy hour at Henry's
Good ambience. Good food. Upstairs is more for college kids.

-ftab (36)   03-Jul-12

Happy hour at Henry's has a delicious menu. The beer cheese soup is to die for! Drinks are still spendy, but I like all of the tap options.

-abeeruth (18)   26-Apr-11

Drinks are spendy and the servers always try and pull upselling tricks on guests.

-PDXfoodie (192)   18-May-10

Henry's has one of the best priced food happy hours in the area. Their mac 'n cheese, California rolls, and pizza are all decent and around $2 or $3 each. It's also worth mentioning that they have well over 100 beers on tap, so if you're looking for something other than the usual handful of microbrews you find at most bars in Portland, Henry's certainly won't disappoint. The beers are expensive though.

-bryan (1135)   23-Oct-06

The Upside: You can't beat the quality, variety and cost of the happy hour food menu. Great location, great building and an overall high energy vibe. The beer selection is second to none- 100+ on tap and most of the best micro brews from around the country. Also, the extended hours is a great thing.
The Downside: Service is consistently slow and non engaging. I find sitting at the bar to be worse service than sitting on the patio or one of the tables near the bar. Bartenders are so swamped or something that they never come over to take your order. Very frustrating. You will never feel like a local at this place even if you are there every night. Wait staff will not recognize you and every time I am there, I am sitting next to traveling businessmen from out of State or Oregonians from other parts of our State.
The incredible quality and quantity of beer is offset by the ridulously high price for the beer. No happy hour price for beers, which is tragic because the normal price is out of control. It also bugs me that you cannot order from the happy hour menu from the restaurant. You must be in the bar.

-GBruce (5)   19-Jun-09

Intolerable clientele, amazing beer list. Rudely expensive beers for a Portland happy hour, wonderfully affordable, varied, and delicious food for a Portland happy hour.

The people though. Gag!

-Insano (210)   05-May-09

Henry's has an awe-inspiring beer selection and really good food at really inexpensive prices. The downsides are the negligence of the wait staff and the clientèle. If it were not so crowded, it wouldn't be such a problem, but I solve both of these issues by sitting at the bar. The bar also has an ultra neat chiller built into the top to set your beer and keep it cool!

-keyinherpocket (184)   10-Feb-08

for a great review of Henry's and more go here..... the california rolls were great. service was read the rest go to our blog.

-cardxcore (20)   18-Oct-07

Great happy hour menu and hours, pleasent when it's not busy, but the service is usually slow, "nose in the air" crowd, and now I'm just being picky, but they won't change the channel on the big screen, even for the big game.

-dlweber2 (10)   27-Mar-07

Redeemed by the huge beer selection and ice bar - However, I usually leave regretting being so close to so many snobs. Maybe you can stomach the clientelle to get that beer you can't find anywhere else, but I find it a bit difficult. And, you get what you pay for - none of those beers are cheap.

-cphillips (109)   21-Jan-07

While Henry's has a cool bar, the service here is ridiculously slow. I have walked out of this bar on several occasions because I couldn't get a drink.

-MarkoRamius (2874)   23-Oct-06